Mon. Aug 10th, 2020

What is Cloud VIP pbx ?

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What is Cloud PBX ?
The Cloud Central (Virtual Central) is a new generation internet-based telephone exchange that takes place in the former type of physical telephone exchanges, serves on the internet via cloud technology and you can use the central properties of the internet wherever you are. The VIP Switchboard does not offer you just a cordless power plant.

If you wish;
-We are making settings for all your phones for you.
-We are also making settings for calling out and calling out.
-We are also setting up your IVR (Audible reception) settings.
-We are also helping you find an operator.
We will negotiate with the operator and make all the settings, if you will be your own agreement.

IP or power stations with old analog telephone exchanges now provide much more possibilities.

For example ;

The VIP roving plant operates entirely over the Internet, without the need to install a physical plant with high investment costs. So everywhere your internet is is your company. This internet can even be 3G , 4G , 4,5G and off course 5G several years later.
You can meet all your branch’s telephone exchange needs with a single cloud switch without having to invest in a separate switchboard for each branch / house / store / school / hospital / office, and you can reset your communication costs between branches.

An example from the management panel identified with the Vip pbx Cloud based pbx brand;

Contact us for any kind of cloud projects.

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Contact us for any kind of cloud projects.

You can contact us at or our phone number.
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