Mon. Aug 10th, 2020

Barcode Systems


Produced by the manufacturer for different products from different brands in the textile sector. As a result of manufacturing products are sold in different countries. These products are not made the necessary coding systems, should delivery of the products should be stored and marketed even false results may not be sold. For example, in Turkey the EU could lead to the sale of a product by a B from products other than standard. Washing instructions can be printed barcodes printed and sewn in the same way as textile products during production. In this way you will get your own washing instructions, as much more economical.

Our Solutions

All of the necessary barcoding system for the company was founded.
By providing the necessary equipment and consumables for washing instructions we were given training.
Shelving systems required for inventory system was founded afterwards.
This system was established software necessary to be more professional.
Some of our projects, we prefer to use the SENTEZ as a software.
Both solutions Sentez and LOGO but in the textile sector we should prefer Sentez.

Our Results

Barcoding and Stocking Systems Our customers engaged in international production and sales of textile production to more controlled now makes both more affordable prices, as well as to know the account as well as the cost of production.

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